Excel In English Reading, Spelling, Handwriting and Grammer.

With unique, research based, structured, innovative highly effective literacy program

Teaching Children

Highly effective, holistic literacy courses to help children become confident communicators and excel in English reading, spelling, handwriting and grammar. Experiential learning to develop phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehential skills.


Teachers' Training

21st century teaching skills to raise the global leaders and effective communicators NEP. Success strategies beyond school to achieve your goals. And flourish in all aspects of life. Embark into the most enjoyable lifelong learning journey. A jolly learning experience with fulfilled activities for classroom management and handling behaviour issues.


Transforming Lives

Enrich your life through divine intelligence that harmonises western science with eastern wisdom. World’s most powerful life changing workshops for the corporate world, business owners and parents to achieve personal and professional goals with abundance of health, wealth and happiness. Unleash your highest potential by tapping into emotional mastery.


Career Counselling & Success Coaching

Be a legendary leader. We provide students & professionals with world’s most-advanced personalized online or offline career counselling, guidance, mentorship & psychometrics career test so that they can find best fit-career. Discover how to choose a right career and fulfill your dream. Achieve success in all aspects of your life and achieve your goals with joy and happiness.





Trainings & Workshops

World’s Best Pedagogies

India’s No.1 International Phonics Institute


Enhance social and emotional well being combined with strong, critical thinking skills and academic excellence. Nurture children to become emotionally, physically, intellectually, and ethically balanced.



Help all kinds of learners(Auditory, Visuals, Kinesthetic) to experience the power of becoming confident communicators



Synthetic phonics combines with the whole language & Orton–Gillingham approach




360° Transformation


We transform the teachers to become Global Leaders and confident communicators. How to lead a stress-free, healthier and happier life. Unleased the highest potential to lead a successful life.

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Develop innovative strategies and a roadmap for success. Mentoring,training, customized programs and resources to develop future leaders. Empower teachers to help children develop strong foundational literacy skills NEP 2020

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Develop innovative strategies and a roadmap for success. Mentoring,training, customized programs and resources to develop future leaders. Empower teachers to help children develop strong foundational literacy skills NEP 2020

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Learn the art of 21st century parenting skills. Build Healthier and happier relationship with your child. Highly, effective mindful parenting tips. Raise the emotional Quotient of your child(EQ)

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Explore, Evolve, Emerge & Enlighten to be ‘Extraordinary’


A revolutionary and legendary approach. An extraordinary life changing transformational journey.



Envision total transformation for success, impact, fulfillment, peace, self-awareness and connection.



Uplift your consciousness and discover the true purpose of your life. Let your thoughts be your reality at lightning speed.



  • Dear Sunita Mam, I am Kiyana Mandal's mom. Kiyana is learning in Jr. Kg batch at Brainstorm International. I am really impressed by her progress in reading in just a couple of months. She feels very confident and has already started reading beginner level books on her own using the phonic sounds. It's impressive to see the child to begin reading sentences before the age of 4. All thanks to phonics, the teaching techniques used at Brainstorm International, and individual attention given to each student. It makes the sessions interactive and fun, so Kiyana really enjoys attending the classes and always looks forward to it. I would encourage fellow parents to try out phonics at Brainstorm International for thier kids. Thank you and your team for all the amazing work you do.

    Kiyana Mandal

  • Want to share my experience with Brainstorm International. I had enrolled my child for Jr kg batch 2021. They are very organised in their approach. Every aspect is well discussed in advance. Teachers are friendly and constantly encourage children. I recommend this as a course for strengthening the basics in phonics.

    Thank you,Pooja Doshi

    Neel Doshi- jr.kg

  • I am Janaki a parent of Saharsh My child is learning in Brainstorm international in phonics batch. From day 1 till today I seeing a tremendous change in Saharsh he can write the whole sentence independently also I am seeing a tremendous change his reading skills……thank you so much Brainstorm teachers taken efforts on this…. Thank you Brainstorm 🙏

    Saharsh- R1 batch

  • I am parent of Atharv Khot.My child is learning in Brainstorm international in sr.kg batch. I highly appreciate the teachers for teaching so interesting and excellent, making the online session effective.session are really good.My son enjoyed it a lot.

    Atharv Khot- Sr.kg

  • My son Advait Deshmukh is in sr kg batch. He couldn't read or write English well before...we joined brainstorm phonics class. I can see huge progress in Advait now..He can write, read and speak in English very well now. Thanks to brainstorm phonics class. We are continuing it next year also..I know it will definitely help him.

    Advait deshmukh – sr.kg

  • I am Divya Nitin Kulkarni a parent of Archit Nitin Kulkarni. My child is learning in Brainstorm international in 1st batch. It is a wonderful experience to see my child Archit improving exponentially with his pronunciation, reading skills, writing skills. I am very happy for Archit as he is grasping the rich content of your course with self - willingness. He is always ready to join the course batch on time and is confident to answer with joy. Teachers are expertise in her teaching skills, having Mastery over the content. All are friendly and encourages students to participate in the question answer session. Overall as a parent I am happy and satisfied for the use of teaching methods and homework. I appeal to parents please join the brainstorm international's phonics class to build future of your child. Phonics class improves vocabulary, grammar sense, pronunciation, confidence and memory of the child. I recommend all the parents to join and enjoy the learning.

    Archit Kulkarni – 1st

  • My child is learning in Brainstorm International. He had attended the Super Student program conducted by them. feedback for him is he started to feel interested in the study. His behavior was bad but now he is better. Because of this class, it is very helpful for me as before this I need to tell him again that do the study but now he does the study on his own I just need to tell him that which subject to take at what time.

    Rupali Thakar